Stump Grinding

All too often when a tree or large shrub is removed, the stump left behind is in the way. Below are the most common remedies:

  • Leave it and work around it. Although the most cost effective choice, it can break up the yard and also be a safety concern
  • Remove it, roots and all, which can be expensive and typically creates substantial damage around the stump area
  • Grind it so that it no longer interferes with your plans for the space

Grinding the stump minimizes the damage to the stump area as well as the immediate area surrounding it. The machine slowly grinds the stump down to about 3-6″ below the soil line. When completed, all that is left is a pile of wood chips, that can be used as mulch or removed as part of the process. This process leaves a depression in the ground that can then be filled with soil and planted with grass or other landscape plants.

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